Welcome to the Cozy Developer Space.

Here you will find everything you need to understand Cozy technically and to develop applications and konnectors.

The technical level required to read and understand this documentation is not over 9,000; you will roughly have to:

console.log(" ╰(◕‿◕)╯ ");

Why & How we made Cozy

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Cozy is a personal web deployment platform, which enables you to quickly bootstrap applications and interact with your data. It stands on a server - between your application and the operating system - easing the pain of system administration, web development and security. Get your data back home!


The initial idea was to create a space where developers can experiment and play with their data, while remaining in control of the platform. A friendly centralized point to fetch data from Things-Of-Internet, devices and personal services.

Cloud Connected

More than a simple Platform-as-a-Service, Cozy puts the cloud back where it belongs: at home.

On the road to Cozy version 3

Performing a lot of tests in 2016, we discovered that the current version of Cozy didn’t scale well. So we decided to rewrite the whole back-end. There are currently two versions of Cozy in the wild:

Developing with Cozy

To the future, Marty!

Cozy is a modern web platform that abstracts a lot of complexity out of personal data manipulation. If you are planning on developing a tool to fetch, visualize or mix data, a Cozy Application or a Konnector may be a good way to start.

By developing on Cozy, you will:

And whatever the reason, you will always find a friendly team member to help you dealing with your struggles and questions on the IRC channel.

So let’s dive into it!

To learn how to develop an application for Cozy, first select your target: Cozy Legacy or the next to come Cozy v3.

Getting help


You can find help from the team or from a loving member of our community on, channel #cozycloud. You can use the webchat if you like!


Our community is quite active on our forum, mostly users willing to report bugs or ask for features. As a developer, no doubt you will get constructive feedbacks if you ask there!


You can always contact the team by sending an email at contact[at]


You will find all the repositories under the cozy organization and the cozy-labs organization.


We have a special mentoring program for developers looking for help! A member of Cozy’s team will spend 2 hours a week with you to help you developing your application! You can find all the details here.